The Closet Chick

The Closet Chick

Consignment Program

Our system is easy, efficient, & enjoyable!



We are always accepting  trendy, contemporary fashions that are “ in-season” (seasonal dates: Spring/Summer-March 1 to Aug 30, Fall/Winter-Sept 1 to Feb 28), purchased brand new in the last year and in excellent condition.



 We choose the items we can consign based on our shopping clients  needs.  We have to be very selective in our process so we can keep  The Closet Chick such a great place to shop



 Please bring your items in freshly laundered, with no signs of wear (no stains,  pet hair,rips or snags, scent and all buttons/zippers  working) and hanging on hangers which we will return to you at your appointment. All footwear and handbags must be clean on the inside/outside and bottoms.



We will book you a convenient appointment (there are no minimum/maximum number of items you can bring in as long as they match to above guidelines).



Once you are an “established” consignor you  can use our “Drop & Run”  system which saves you time and works better around your schedule



Our initial selling prices are based on a known  national formula that represents what shopping  customers are willing to  pay for consigned items. We actively sell  your items during the applicable season with top notch customer care, high level merchandising, media exposure, marketing, events,  promotions, specials and markdowns.



Once your items have sold you can pick from 3 payout options:



                   1.) 50% Store Credit Option:- You receive 50% of the final selling price in the form of a store credit

                        or gift certificate (which NEVER EXPIRES) to use toward the purchase of any merchandise in the shop.

                   2.) 40% Cash Payout Option:. You receive 40% of th final selling price as a cash payment onto

                         your debit card  so it is immediately in your bank account – ALL  UNSOLD ITEMS ARE

                        DONATED TO OUR LOCAL WOMEN’S SHELTER

                   3.) 35% Cash Payout Option:  You receive 35% of the final selling price as a cash payment onto

                         your debit card so it is immediately in your bank account – ALL UNSOLD ITEMS ARE

                        REQUESTED BY YOU TO BE PICKED UP AT THE END OF THE SEASON (must be

                         picked up within 2 weeks of the end of that season or we have the option of donating them to

                        make room for all the incoming new season items….we  cannot store items past this time due

                         to severe space restrictions) See top line to review season date deadlines.



There is a 50 cent per item fee for commercial steaming of all items that are consigned for the comfort and confidence of our shopping customers.  This is taken off your first payment not prior to the selling of your items.



Like all Consignment Shops, we can’t be responsible for damage or loss caused by other people. We do our very best to safeguard your items by investing heavily in security cameras and systems to protect us from shoplifters. Anyone caught shoplifting in our store will be prosecuted – no exceptions!